"I set off for Yue today and came there yesterday." Hui Shi

Nadie está solo y nada es sólido: el cambio se resuelve en fijezas que son acuerdos momentáneos.
Octavio Paz, El mono gramático.

Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

August, 15 - cello concert

July, 8th

At five in the afternoon we are in the wagon. We go out from the train at twelve.
We invite a mathematician and we speak about the perception of time inside these wagons. One artist make a game with the passengers about The Little Prince.
We have seen the Hertha BSC fans going to the match, some of them opening bottles with their mouths, and we have seen the same fans at the end taking the Ring home: they were the losers today and we felt it in their faces.

April, 8th

We want to start at the point we left off the last session: six in the morning. We travel nine hours. The waking up of a big city and the beginning of one more day.
One little German girl going to the school is counting to twenty in Italian in front of her mother. One invited artist –today is his birthday-offers cake to the passengers.

April 3rd - Night session

After a work day inside the Ring we want to now spend a long Friday night partying here. We complete the normal week in this way. We begin at ten and we finish the next morning at six. During the night we speak with two cops out of service –one retired- they met in a cops' event that night. We see a fire from the window of the wagon and we can appreciate the evolution of fireman's work.
Everything is fine at the beginning: make up ready, clean shoes, good dress, laughs and happy faces. Very different landscape at four in the morning. We make our own pub: vodka, friends and video.