"I set off for Yue today and came there yesterday." Hui Shi

Nadie está solo y nada es sólido: el cambio se resuelve en fijezas que son acuerdos momentáneos.
Octavio Paz, El mono gramático.

Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

March 30rd - First day

We dress like insurance company employees. Nine in the morning ready for an eight hour work day with only the permitted breaks. We start in conversation with one sad-eyed old man who was in the Wehrmacht seventy years ago, and we finish with two young girls with their heads in Mexican fighting masks.
We feel tired at the end: Ring’s perception of time and tirelessness is something totally different for us. After this, here or in a office, a work day is a work day.

Everything started on March, 20th

Prenzlauer Berg, around midnight. Valeria has the first impulse of traveling in circles.
On the March 23 rd Valeria went up to the fifth floor to have a tea with Alex. He proposed her a game which we called "República Azarosa". The goal was to spent all day traveling by metro or/and train without going out the stations and without repeating any line.
After listening to such a crazy game, Valeria didn´t hesitate in telling him her idea: just traveling in circles around Berlin. So they first started with "República Azarosa" on March 25th. It was a really stressfull day. During 8 hours we travelled by train and metro, changing all the time. We ate, drank, went to the toilets inside the stations.
On March 30 th we started with the I ring project.